Central space


Q is a retreat centre surrounded by nature, where you can experience
simple and conscious living, with low environmental impact.

Daily life is linked to the seasonal cycles of sunlight, temperature and the resources
available at the time. An organic way of life, linked to natural factors in constant flux.

The main building is supplied with water from a spring, has two solar panels
for electricity, a 150 litre solar hot water system, an indoor compost toilet,
and a large woodstove for warmth and cooking when there is no sun.
We don't use gas, we cook with the woodstove or outdoor solar cooker, depending on the weather.

north-east entrance south-west entrance

Entering from the north you find the fire; coming from the south, the water.
Fire and water govern the space.

The interior design was conceived to meet basic needs, both material and spiritual,
while also exploring the relationship between space, behaviour and resources.

In many ways an unusual space, it invites you to change perspective, renew your outlook,
and explore different ways of engaging, with a new awareness of the most mundane acts.


A single tap with a large sink serves for both
the kitchen and as a washing area. This demands
great awareness and respect around the use of water,
and it is essential to keep the area clean. 

Sleeping Accommodation

A loft with a wooden floor
allows up to six people to
sleep dormitory style, while
on the ground floor there
are two rooms just off the
multipurpose area. 

Multipurpose area

Next to the woodburner is an area of
about 50 square metres, with furniture
that can be moved according to the
needs of the moment.

A space for meditation or study,
with two bookshelves and a
blackboard measuring 2.4 x 1.2 metres

A bright and open area 

Other infrastructure: 3 individual huts