On time


solar life

The solar life is the life that is governed by the Sun, the sunlight.
It is organized according to the dawn, sunrise, noon, sunset, dusk and night.
A constantly changing rhythm, due to the ascending or descending cycle of light that
mark the solstices, from the winter solstice ascends, after the summer solstice descends.
Neither homogeneous nor mechanical, an organic time, linked to the life and nature of planet Earth.

In Q one of our structural pillars is the solar life. For more than 6 years we have developed a way of life
based on solar time, including also the lunar cycles (new moon, crescent, full moon and waning) that are
equivalent to Sunday, being the solstices and equinoxes the 4 great festivities of the solar year.

This re-encounter with the solar life is not only practicable on the mountain where we live, in fact, for me started
the year 2000 in full big city with the instinctive necessity and the will to guide me by the sunlight and the temperature.
I firmly believe that solar life is the most intelligent, and therefore sustainable, way of living on this planet;
and that sooner or later, will begin processes of reintegration of this organic time into human society.
To leave be guided by the sun to follow the clock, it is an effect of the "progress" of the old paradigm.
To tender towards a solar time, in the labor and leisure world, in urban and rural contexts, ...
is one of the great challenges of the new cultural paradigm.

Align the biorhythms of the body with the rhythms and cycles of the Sun and the Moon.

an organic life model

The model we set forth is only a possible example, adapted to the coutry life and the spiritual life.

There can always be exceptions, unpredictable or emergencies, but the tendency is this.

The drawing represents 1 day (24h), the day-night ratio is according to the equinoxes, where more or less there is equal day
and night. The closer to the summer solstice more day and less night, when closer to the winter solstice less day and more night.

Organic work times according to hours of sunlight and seasonal activities.

The working day is always the half of the day, and it oscillates between 2 hours (near the winter solstice, period of less light)
to 6 hours (near the summer solstice, period of more light).
Usually they are the mornings, except in cold periods or days (end of autumn-winter) that usually are the afternoons.
The works vary according to the season and the weather.
In spring is predominant the vegetable garden, in summer irrgations and attend the retreats, autumn maintenance and firewood.
From the winter solstice to the last third of winter we rest from subsistence activities, depending on circumstances.

Something wonderful happens, and is that the more solar life you introduce into your life, the more organic your mind becomes.
It is a process, you have to live it to understand what is and what implies an ‹‹ organic mind ›› !