I was born on July 31 1967 in Lleida, Catalonia, Spain, EUROPE.
Thanks to the support of my parents I had a extended training.
I studied BUP and COU in pure Sciences, Visual and Audiovisual Arts
in Barcelona, Nîmes, Düsseldorf and Buenos Aires; and Philosophy
at the University of Barcelona, where I was graduated in 2000.

I have worked mainly in the world of contemporary art, also
in the world of education and research and the world of business.
Since 2006 I'm given to Q project, which relegates all my facets,
backgrounds and vital needs, and is what today,
I offer to human society and to Earth.

I have lived through many crises, from 16 years old.
An intense emotional life, equally full of happiness and sorrow,
pleasure and pain. All this has allowed me to know, be fearless.
In 2003 I first traveled to India, an experience which causes a
turning point in my life, a turning point of no return towards
spiritual request, the recognition of the essence in one, in self,
the realization of what you already are and have always been.

I do not believe in titles and diplomas or medals, or flags;
not interest me bureaucracies, the very presence of the
consciousness in every little act is what expresses excellence.
I'm not interested the leadership, yes the cooperation and co-
organization, the conjunction of "ones" co-directing something.
This requires in each person full capacity of self-determination,
self-initiative and execution; much awareness, responsability
and transparency.

I am equally skeptical than idealistic. I act without expecting
nothing. This world is a play where the fate takes place.
There is so much light as darkness, in oneself and in the world.
Everyone chooses where to lean, what to feed or not,
to what you give life ....