The natural balance, well-being and harmony of the living being.
Holistic healing processes.

Health refers to the natural balance, well-being and harmony of a living being.
Health is a natural state, not induced or forced by something other than own
vital impulse. From a holistic vision, 4 types of health are integrated: physical,
emotional, psychic and spiritual; in 4 areas of our terrestrial reality: personal,
family, social and planetary.

The opposite of health is the disease fruit of a persistent imbalance,
discomfort and disharmony, manifesting itself in different ways and causes.

Illness is an opportunity for change that invites us to reconsider our whole life,
our habits and customs, our emotions, feelings, thoughts, etc. If there is no
change, the disease may hide but not heal. Accepting the change, we begin to
see and to understand the healing process.

Healing is the path by which we achieve to reestablish health or the natural
state of fulfillment. There are several holistic healing processes, here we pro-
vide some of them, linked to nature, self-healing capacity and the process of
consciousness. There cannot be true healing without growing in consciousness.

Personal Health

Every individual has the ability to be healthy and to be healed. The diet,
the way of living, the attitude towards life, are fundamental for health, as well
as certain natural practices that only depend on the will and consciousness of
oneself to be realized. Here some of them are exposed.

Withdrawal of the mind inward, contemplation and absorption in
the essential nature of consciousness/mind. Return to the source.

Control of the breath in its 4 times: inhalation, retention with full lungs,
exhalation, retention with empty lungs. Prana baths (ether).

Hari Ratan Manek http://solarhealing.com

Urine therapy
A panacea known as Urine Therapy
Shivambhu Shastra - Healing with Urine Therapy
Article: Urine Therapy. A natural alternative that works. by Martha M. Christy
extract from Chapters 1 and 2 of "Your Own Perfect Medicine".

Fast (Hygienism)

Seitai (Katsugen and Yuki)
Based on the spontaneous movement of the body and the innate capacity
for self-regulation and regeneration.
Katsumi Mamine Miwa
Fundación Seitai Barcelona www.seitaibarcelona.com/home/





Family Health

It refers to the type of links we establish with people who live together or
share something. It includes the biological family, as the couple, the work
family, leisure, spiritual. The roles that we accept or impose on us, the
conscious and unconscious projections that we perpetuate, the dependencies
and fustrations that originate according to correspondence or not of the
individual and group needs, the capacity and depth in communication, etc.
These are some of the factors that favor family harmony or disharmony.


Family and systemic constellations
International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA)






Social Health

It refers to social, cultural and civilizing factors that cause balance or
imbalance. Ways to know, understand and do that determine and build
our daily reality. It is up to the ideas, values and laws, stereotypes and
fashions, habits and customs, that condition and determine collective
imaginaries consciously and insensibly; the cognitive and sensorial
paradigms, the degree of development of the individual and collective
awareness, planetary, galactic and cosmic consciousness.

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