Life Conditions


Q is a retreat space surrounded by nature, where to experience a simple and conscious life,
with low environmental impact. A lifestyle that integrates the ecological culture, the degrowth
culture, and the ascetic culture, being an example of its symbiosis.

Our way of living is the result of a very conscious choice, totally free and happy;
a firm will to move towards a sustainable life, thanks to a responsible consumption.
We leave behind the old consumerist world, we materialize day by day another possible world.

Be welcome all those like minded people who investigate in the same direction
or want to experience this way of living.



Respect to resources
Economize, optimize, use conscientiously the
natural resources: water, wood, foods, ...;
and industrial resources: tools, electricity, fuel, ....

Respect to space
Be responsible for your actions:
clean up what you dirty, pick up what you expand.

Respect to solar time
Sunlight and temperature organizes the day.



The life of the center, like our organism and nature, is governed according to the cycles
of Sunlight and temperature (transits of light/day/night, seasons and climatology).

  • From the sunset to the sunrise: Silence, withdrawal, contemplation, meditation
    and/or rest, except for specific liturgies, rituals or holidays.

  • Sunrise, solar noon and sunset, visible in situ, mark the rhythm of the active period:
    meals, cleaning, office, outdoor work, study, practices, etc.

  • Solstices, equinoxes and moons (new, growing, full and waning) are our holidays.

  • The winter solstice is New Year, and marks the period of greater rest and withdrawal,
    until mid or late winter, as needed by each one.


The space-base is a loft with: 2 rooms and an attic, to accommodate 8 people;
a multipurpose room, a kitchen area and a hygiene area with a dry latrine.
We also have an individual retreat hut, 2 tents and an outside latrine.
The atmosphere in general, peacefull and silent (studio-temple).

  • On the common spaces of rest and privacy:
    If you come to Q for a retreat with several participants, you will have to share the
    sleeping space. Respect the space of each one, being tolerant with what it means
    to share the spaces of rest.
    For example, do not make much noise if you are going to sleep later than others.

  • On the hygiene of space:
    There is no cleaning service, we all cooperate in maintaining order and hygiene of space.
    The tasks are organized at the beginning of the stay and are distributed each day
    among the members of the group.
    Before leaving, leave the space you have used, at least as clean as it was at your arrival.

  • About insurances:
    We only use the mandatory car insurance. We don't have accidents insurance,
    eah one takes his/her own responsability of possible accidents or injuries.

  • About arrivals to the center:

    1. Please turn off your mobile phone and any other electronic devices.
    Use it only when there is real need.

    2. Bring basic luggage. Bring: sheet and sleeping bag, towel and indoor shoes.
    We use natural hygiene products, if you don't have them we will provide them here.

    3. How to arrive. Co-ordinate your arrival with the centre’s logistic.
    You can arrive by foot, on bicycle, by bus and/or car. If you come by car,
    we advise you to leave it in the village’s parking and come by foot
    (there are 4,5 km on track, ± 1h. of light-moderate ascend).

    4. Arrive before the middle of the solar afternoon, upon seasons.



The space-base is supplied with a natural spring. In summer it diminishes its flow, being also
the time of greater consumption due to the irrigation of the orchard and the showers.
To compensate for the excess consumption in relation to the water that enters the tank daily,
we usually bring water from the spring in bottles.

The food is simple, healthy and moderate, ecological vegetarian with vegan tendency.
It is based on three cereals: brown rice, oats and millet or quinoa or buckwheat; potato;
lentil and chickpea; seasonal vegetables and fruits; seeds and nuts; cocoa, algae,
unrefined sea salt, curcuma, olive oil, honey, panela, tea and various infusions.
Eventually, we also consume goat cheese, eggs, azukis, peanuts, curri, paprika, coffee,
wine, and extraordinarily processed food such as bread, pasta, biscuits, miso and tofu.

  • Every morning the food to be taken during the day is chosen and administered.
    All food is blessed by Earth and Heaven.
    Thanks for what we can offer to you and enjoy the benefits of a natural and simple diet.

  • We make 1 main meal at noon, we only cook 1 time.
    For those who need it, when the sun rises, there is a light and energetic breakfast:
    fruit, raisins, almonds, cacao, etc .; and before sunset on the western slope,
    a snack-dinner also light: leftovers of noon or fruit.

  • The origin of food is mostly of proximity, from local ecological cooperatives and
    farmers 50 km. round, or when possible from our own orchard.
    We don't use fridge or freezer.

  • Please, don't bring industrial food made with transgenics, additives, preservatives
    and chemical pesticides, without any respect for the Earth and its inherent biodiversity.
    Also, do not bring plastics, cans and tetabrics, given the serious problem at the planetary
    level on the contamination of waters, lands and atmospheres. Environmental pollution
    affects directly to the health and in Q we try not to contrubuir in it, that is the reason
    why we have stopped of consuming milk, yogurts, and many other things that, although
    we like them, involve generating industrial waste daily and weekly. That is, we don't eat
    to satisfy the whim to consume this or that conditioned by the publicity, but we adapt
    to the local and global circumstances, avoiding of what hurts us all.


We have two solar panels, the electricity is therefore limited and depends on the weather
conditions. We ask for great awareness and maximum reduction of the use of this type of energy.

  • We do not use kettles, hairdryers, stoves, or devices that require plug-in and energy
    expenditure. If you need it and there is Sun, you can charge your cell phone and
    computer during the day.

  • Internet
    We have the possibility to connect to the internet, but we only have 6 GB per month,
    so we maximize its use, 1 hour a day (mainly for emails, messenger, websites, but not to
    view and/or download videos, music, etc. because they consume much data).
    Take advantage of your stay in Q to rest from phone, computer, etc. and connect with
    nature, with yourself and others!


Send an email to as you accept the life conditions.

Q reserves the right of admission and permanence of the persons who
being in the center do not respect the life conditions of the project.