Centre for Experimentation

Molinos, Teruel (Aragon, Spain)
www.qcentro.org · info@qcentro.org
Tel. 00 34 634320010

Join the project

What kind of people we are looking for?

Vegetarians between 42 to 63 years:

  • Who are doing serious inner work, with awareness of their ego, their character,
    their virtues and weaknesses, for the sake of honest and healthy communication
    and coexistence.

  • Who have made a clear decision to live in the countryside, in close contact with
    nature,the elements and the rhythms of the sun.
    Lovers of simple living, austerity, and an elegant sobriety.

  • With sensitivity towards order and cleanliness - ‘domestic mindfulness’ -
    in order to maintain the harmony and beauty of the space.

  • Who are multi-skilled, or with the ability to learn the skills needed for the various
    tasks of subsistence: domestic duties, administration, gardening, maintenance,
    firewood, etc.

  • Who can live & work with others cooperatively while at the same time having
    a need of solitude.

  • Who are financially solvent or have some savings.

The process of joining the project:

1) Introduce yourself as you see fit.

2) We have a chat, by telephone or video call. 

3) Come for a trial period of 1 month.

4) If it’s working well for both parties, your stay extends to 1 year.

5) After the first year, if it is still good for both, you can become a full member of
the project, and if you wish you can build your own individual accommodation.