Center of Experimentation
Molinos, Teruel (Aragon, Spain) ·
Tel. 00 34 634320010

To join the project

What kind of people we are looking for?

Q is suitable for people between 42 to 63 years:

  • With a clear decision to live in the country,
    in direct contact with nature and the elements.

  • With a serious inner work, aware of his/her ego and his/her personage,
    both of its light and darkness, pleasant and unpleasant,
    for the sake of a healthy communication and living.

  • Lovers of simple life, austerity and asceticism in a contemporary sense.

  • With polyvalent ability to work in the different subsistence tasks: domestic
    (order, hygiene, kitchen, administration, etc.), gardening, maintenance, firewood, etc.

  • With community and cooperative spirit,
    valuing likewise the need and respect to individuality.

  • With financial solvency or a minimum savings made.

In 2017, start of a new stage, looking for like-minded people to create the community.
Q needs at least 3 people to develop the proyect fully:

  • One person to carry maintenance, repairs, possible new constructions and firewood.
  • One person to carry out the agricultural project of food sovereignty.
  • One person to take office: web, internet, diffusion, organization and coordination
    of activities.

The process of participation

1) Introduce yourself as you consider.

2) Let's talk, first phone conversations.

3) Come for a trial period of 1 month.

4) If farovable on both sides, the stay extends to 1 year.

5) Following the first year, if still favorable for all, one can if so will be a member.

6) The members will live in the central base, and will have access to their individual space
as the community will consolidated and the necessary infrastructures of each moment will built.

Floating population

People who come to make a stay: spiritual retreat, rechearch, volunteering, visit.