Center of Experimentation

Molinos, Teruel (Aragon, Spain) ·
Tel. 00 34 634320010

Join the project

What kind of people we are looking for?

Vegetarians between 42 to 63 years:

  • With serious internal work, self-aware of their ego and their character, of their virtues
    and faults, for the sake of a healthy, sincere and noble communication and coexistence.

  • With a clear decision to live in the countryside in contact with nature, the elements
    and the rhythms of sunlight. Lovers of simple living, elegant austerity and sobriety.

  • With a sensitivity for taking care of order and cleanliness: "domestic mindfulness",
    to maintain the harmony and beauty of spaces.

  • Polyvalents or with the ability to learn to work in the various tasks of subsistence:
    domestic (order and hygiene, kitchen, administration, ofice), vegetable gardens,
    maintenances, firewood, etc.

  • With cooperative spirit and likewise with the need and respect to individuality.

  • With financial solvency or a minimum savings made.

The process of participation

1) Introduce yourself as you consider.

2) Let's talk: first phone conversations.

3) Come for a trial period of 1 month.

4) If farovable on both sides, the stay extends to 1 year.

5) After the first year, if still favorable and it is so desired one can be
member of the project and built his/her individual space.