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1st meeting - 19-23 August 2020 (lin
2nd meeting - spring 2021
3rd meeting - summer 2021

Joining Visions emerges in late 2019 and early 2020, as a result of the imaginaries and ideas of society foreseen
in the 2030 and 2050 agendas of the so-called "New World Order". Neither identifying ourselves with them nor
desiring this future (transhumanisation, robotisation of life, primacy of artificial intelligence, happytalism, etc.),
diverse people with experience and a critical spirit, we have co-created over the course of a year an imaginary
of a holistic society, akin to human potentiality and to respect for and the right to natural life.

We are not negationists, conspiracy theorists, globalists, dissidents, etc. We are not defined by any qualifier that
fuels division among people. We have simply exercised our natural (ontological) right to think, reflect, create and
communicate the reality we want.

This is the final result after a year of work:












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