Old age and Death
The process of a conscious and happy detachment
from matter, body, emotions and mind.

Practical retreats
Meetings on old age and death
Special event 2016
Book: On old age and death

Aging happily and dying in peace with full consciousness is one of life's greatest achievements.
But ... how many people achieves it?

Old age and death are still taboos in a society that thinks only of growing, never of decreasing;
in having more money never in becoming fully human, ... .
Materialism, in any of its modalities, always encourages us to live in function of what we have
and we do to have. A identification proper of adolescence, not of an adult society, conscious,
and therefore, free.
Identification with the body and material objects, as well as with the emotions
and psyches associated with this material identity, conceals the essential identity of oneself with
oneself, beyond being, having and doing this or that.

The spiritual process or interiority, is the journey that eachone undertakes towards the recognition
of the essence. A journey where all the masks and conditionings of our ego-personage are being
progressively recognized and transcended, where we get undressed of all the own and inherited
weights, where we learn to live without so many material attachments and demands.
A process
that re-links us to an essential identity, anchored in the now and in the conscious presence,
from which we interact with the world, free and spontaneously conscious.

Leave fear, thank all you have lived.

Old age is the time that life gives us to understand life.
A thresholdtime, of transition, and therefore it is important to taste it according to what it is,
not to disguise it with what it's not. Aging implies the decay of everything physical and material.
Little by little the body leaves us.
The process of de-identification, and therefore detachment, from matter, body, emotions, mind;
it can be experienced as a game in which you simplify, optimize, reduce and tending towards a
less complex life. By free will and creatively you are releasing both material and psycho-emotional
burdens. Somehow, you prepare to park the vehicle!

Another very important factor, apart from the personal spiritual process, is the framework from
which one understands death and postmortem states, that is, the metaphysical worldview that ac-
companies you. The spiritual traditions, in their authenticity and not dogmatism, offer wonderful
anchors to help us understand what death is, what happens when we die, etc. Really if in general
people knew, from the hand of one tradition or another, what happens at death, and everything that
awaits us after crossing the threshold, death would stop being dark and sinister, to be understood
as what it is, a luminous act, an extraordinary trip back to the source. Reassures a lot to understand
that our individual process is linked to a universal cosmic process, that nothing is isolated, that every-
thing is in relationship, that living-dying form a single breath and that according to the consciousness
we develop that is how we live and we will die.

Hopefully, these issues are socially understood with the wisdom that belongs to them!
Hopefully, people can die without fear of death, with full awareness!
Hopefully, old age will soon be understood as the golden age of who has reached humanity!

Valdepuertas · November 1, 2018

Practical retreats

The individual retreats of 7, 14, 21, 28 days, or more than 1 month, are of great help to recognize
dependencies and fears to which one is accustomed and no longer sees. Having all the time to be
with yourself, without excuses for work, family, or anything, puts you before your inertia, your
trends. Living austere, in nature and without distractions of the center Q, intensifies the process of
see all that you lack and all that is left over, the chatter of the mind oscillating between satisfaction,
dissatisfaction and apathy, attachment, aversion and indifference. By oneself, without the strength
and influence of a group of people, learning to stop, to simply be, to enter into oneself, to meditate,
grants the beginning of personal empowerment.

Group retreats are usually from 3 to 7 days, and are conducted by masters or instructors of a
spiritual tradition. They contribute to initiate and/or delve into the metaphysical vision-understanding,
and practices in relation to the body-soul-spirit/consciousness.
To live together for a few days, the familiarity that is created with the master, to be taken care of in
our doubts due to be a small group of maximum 10 people, all this makes these retreats are endearing,
and very helpful for those who have real interest in the question.

Group retreats


From 7 to 10 de September (Chinese-Spanish)
Yuan Limin, Taoist Tradition:
Live a healthy life. Taoist attitude to life


From 10 to 13 July
Nicole Gilabert, Renewed Christian Tradition:

Death: broadening of consciousness

From 15 to 18 September
Basili Llorca, Tibetan Buddhist Tradition:
Life and death, an illusion. Learning to live and die in fullness.


July 16, 17 and 18, Molinos (Teruel, Spain)
Meetings on old age and death
8 spiritual masters from 7 different traditions meet 3 days to share their wisdom.

_ As a result of this meeting, a book comes out in the spring of 2018:
_ On old age and death
_ A very short selection of the communications of the 8 teachers.
_ Edited by Neus Buira Ferré in collaboration with Libros de Aldarán, 2018.
_ Free download in pdf e-book.
_ To buy it contact info@qcentro.org (there are 10€ in softcover and 13€ in hardcover)