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"It is a good for all to return to the essence"


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Sanskrit : Study of grammar and translation of sacred texts
Special invitation for a Sanskrit master

Nondual Traditions: non-dual Kashmir Shaivism (Trika), Dzogchen, ...

Old age and Death.
The process of a conscious and happy detachment of matter, body, emotions and mind.


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    Meditation and contemplation

    Bodily practices : Surya namaskar, 5 Tibetans, Chi kung, Seitai, ...

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    W I N T E R
    Lethargy of gestation.
    Generation season, hidden birth.

    Solstice · New Year celebration.
    In honor of Light, Energy and the Sun

    S P R I N G
    The living manifests itself.
    Station of awakening, resurgence of forces.

    Equinox · In honor of the forces of nature and the cosmos.

    S U M M E R
    Gives its fruit what is sown.
    Ripening season, the strength harvested.

    Solstice · Celebration of the solar half year

    A U T U M N
    Falls everything that is deciduous.
    Detachment station, give way to the future.

    Equinox · Celebration in honor of the food of the Earth.


Most significant events of the past


. Permaculture, a holistic tool to transit towards the new social-economic paradigm. With Sara Arnaiz / Jully 13-20

. Seitai. Healthcare and full life. With Paco Lacueva. (in spanish) / Jully 24-27


. Seitai. Healthcare and full life. With Paco Lacueva / August 2-4

. Understanding life, understanding disease. With Dr. Vicente Herrera Adell / August 9-11

. Listen_Attention_Yoga_Rendition. With Javier Allende / September 6-8


. Dzogchen: External Rushen. By Elias Capriles / June 1-4.
(Only for members of the Spain Dzogchen Community: www.dzogchen.es)

. Tantrâloka. The Esoteric Yoga of Abhinavagupta. By Boris Marjanovic / July 16-22.

. Seitai, health care and full life (Spanish). By Paco Lacueva / July 31-August 3

. Live a healthy life. Taoist attitude to life (Spanish). By Yuan Limin / September 7-10

. Tantrâloka Retreat II: Descent of grace (Shaktipâta). By Boris Marjanovic / October 11-15


. Introducción al Dzogchen: Teoría y práctica. Elías Capriles / 5-9 de junio

. La muerte, ampliación de la consciencia. Nicole Gilabert (Cristianismo Renovado) / 10-13 de julio

. Vijñâna Bhairava Tantra. David Dubois / 16-24 julio (français-español)

. Yoga de Cachemira, encuentro de profesores / 10-13 agosto

. Vida y muerte, una ilusión. Aprender a vivir y morir en plenitud. Basili Llorca (Budismo Tibetano) / 15-18 de Septiembre



* Meetings on old age and death, July 16th 17th and 18th 2016
Spiritual masters from 7 traditions meet to share their wisdom on old age and death.