SANSKRIT · Invitation for an intensive period of grammar and translation

Q invites 3 months to a master of Sanskrit for an intensive period of grammar
and translate the 36 verses of the Parâtrîshikâ, one of the most important
tantras linked to de non-dual Shivaism of Kashmir.

Q is a retreat space in full mountain, where is offered the possibility of experimenting
an austere, simple and conscious life, in harmony with nature. A modus vivendi which
integrates the ecological culture, the degrowth culture, and the sanyasi culture;
physical, intellectual and spiritual work; active and contemplative life.
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Sanskrit is one of the study subjects of Neus Buira, visionary and co-founder of Q centre.
Desiring to intensify the study and to open a bridge between Q and translators of Sanskrit:

Q invites for a stay of 3 months to a Sanskrit master
with whom do an intensive period of grammar and translation.

The idea is to spend 3-5 hours a day of Sanskrit;
in exchange of a personal retreat stay in the individual cabin
or to participate, if so desired, in the daily life of project.

Dates to be agreed with the person interested in this stay and exchange.

Neus Buira
(Lleida, Catalonia, Spain 1967)

Brief Curriculum

1981-1986 : BUP and COU in pure sciences in Lleida.
1986-1993 : Art (painting, objects, installations, photography
& video) in Barcelona, Nîmes (France) and Düsseldorf (Germany).
1993-2000 : Philosophy at the University of Barcelona.

I started studying Sanskrit with Oscar Pujol in Barcelona
(October 2003-February 2006) until he went back to India;
I continued to study with the study group we created with
Jorge Pardo and Arcadio Rojo until February 2010.
Since then, coinciding with my rural settlement in Molinos
(Teruel, Spain), I'm studying alone.
Some Works and translations done:
2013 : Compilation of grammar notes (2003-2013/ in catalan).
2015 : 20 verses of Pratyabhijñâhridayam of Kshemarâja.
2017-2018 : Anuttarâshtikâ of Abhinavagupta.

I want to deepen into the Sanskrit grammar and intensify
the art of translation. In collaboration with a Sanskrit master,
I would like to translate the 36 verses of Parâtrîshikâ Tantra,
one of the main Tantras of the non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir.

Regarding the possible language to communicate:

My native languages are Catalan and Spanish.
I have a good level of French, which I studied from 7 to 19 years outside the ordinary school.
And a basic level of English (3 courses) and German (Mittelstufe-I) which allow me to understand and
make myself understood, especially in philosophical and metaphysical contexts. I have much more vocabulary
in German than in English, but instead I read better in English thanks to Sanskrit grammar texts and Sanskrit-
English books that I read for years. I think with any of these 5 languages it would be possible to do the exchange.

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Thanks for spreading this invitation to whom can appreciate it.