What Q is, it's purpose and values

Origin and current situation

Viability and donations




What Q is, it's purpose and values

Q is a retreat space surrounded by nature, where you can experience
simple and conscious living, with low environmental impact.
A place to internalize, change habits, become aware.

Our modus vivendi integrates 3 essential spheres for local and planetary sustainability:
Economy, Ethics and Spirituality.


  1. At the economic level:
    We are aiming for an economic system based 50% on money and 50% on other exchanges.
    In other to acchive this, it's essential to reduce needs, optimise resource management,
    and adopt organic work patterns tied to natural cycles, as well as develop local networks. 

  2. At the ethical level:
    We are aiming to achieve a community of like-minded people, able to organise themselves in
    an agile and efficient way without a leader. This will demand from each individual the capacity
    for dialogue, self-determination, initiative and productivity, as well as a lot of awareness,
    responsibility and transparency.

  3. At the spiritual level: facilitar
    We facilitate a space of healing, fulfilment and transcendence.
    A place for individual retreats, or in small groups, and devoted to spiritual practices.
    Similarly we offer a meeting place for interfaith encounters.



To offer a favourable environment for the developement and fulfillment of human beings
in the service of a Culture of Peace.



Understanding economy as the art of managing matter and energy, we are experimenting with on the
development of an economic system based on a free exchange of material goods, work and knowledge.
We are establishing a central economy that respects individual economic freedom.

Key purpose: To establish equable relationships. To get rid of the unnecessary.

Economic values
AUSTERITY, sobriety, moderation and respect to matter.
GENEROSITY, what someone gives without taking any profit.
using one’s own resources to survive.
TRANSPARENCY administrative and financial.
CONCISION in the use of resources for non speculatives aims.
QUALITY, quality prevails over quantity.
SAVING, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle.
WORK, understood as a way of liberation when undertaken without attachment to results.

Understanding ethics as the values, principles and practices that guide daily life and help to discover
the conscious requirements of each moment; we seek to establish a leaderless organization, based on
absolute respect for the individual and for the purposes of the project.

Key purpose: To achieve an organisation based on awareness, responsibility and transparency.

Ethic values
NOBILITY, sincerity, transparency, clarity and kindness
RESPECT, humility, acceptance and gratitude
DIALOGUE from human to human, learning to listen and speak without labels nor roles.  
CONSENSUS, the agreement in
common to stipulate habits, customs, and routines.
RESPONSABILITY, the commitment to ourselves, the others and the project.


Understanding spirituality as the recognition and realisation of the essence, whether it's called God,
Goddess, Being, Spirit, Consciousness, Light, Emptiness, Love, Tao, Allah, Brahma, Freedom, Truth, etc.
We offer a favorable environment for spiritual development, open to all the traditions of the world.

Key purpose: The total realisation and liberation of the human being,
to move beyond personality and to transcend duality.

Spiritual values
LOVE, axis of compassion and surrender, that which transcends the "you" and “I”.
FREEDOM, reflection and fruit of Consciousness.
CREATIVITY, life force whiich generates and regenerates all that exist.
WISDOM, the profound knowledge of being part to the whole.
SILENCE, echo of the
presence of Being.

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Origin and current situation

Q arises from two currents which fuse together in one, to live conscious.

Phases of the project

. Gestation: 2006-2009
. Birth-creation of the basic infrastructure: 2010-2012
. Developement of the pro
ject: 2013-2014 onwards

Europe, Barcelona 2001

On the one hand it arises from the social unrest, the need to do "something" for
Peace and Democracy, the need to transcend the dualities that keep us in conflict
and to live with dignity as human beings. From this impulse, the website & manifesto
quelcom.net are created in 2002 ('quelcom' in Catalan means 'something').
A number of years later, I decide upon the letter q as the name of the project.

India, Arunachala 2003 · Himâlaya 2004

On the other hand, it arises from the need to simply stop, to be with oneself, go within,
understand oneself and become conscious. The first time the idea of creating a centre
for spiritual growth appears is the 21st September 2004 in Badrinath (Himâlaya),
together with Jaume Massana. Both of us were influenced by the experience of Ramana
Maharshi's ashram, and by Ramana himself as a realised being. At that time it was just
an idea in the mind and heart. During 2005 certain aspects slowly solidified; we visited
a few locations, and met some potentially interested individuals.

In January and February 2006, I draw up the project’s first document, at that
stage an Ashram-Research Centre-Organic Farm. Jaume gets together with a woman
with whom he will have a child. I continue with the idea on my own, as flame once lit
in the heart cannot be extinguished. The written document is refined with thanks to
contributions from: Josep Maria Pi i Faura, José Sarto, Carme Torrent, Àngels Rovira,
Rosaura Rosell, Elvira Pérez, Rafa Cao de Benós, Manuel Arcos ad Carme Tort.

On 13 and 14 January 2007, Q is redefined as a Centre for Investigations into Sus-
tainability, incorporating the contributions of Angeles Soto and Santiago Caballero,
with whom we took the project’s first steps. In 2008 the project is fine-tuned with the
input of Rafa and Susana, Berto, Pilà and Andreas, and finally in January 2009 with
the contributions of María Jesús San Llorente, with whom the gestation culminates.
Together we realise the physical creation of the centre in Molinos, Teruel (Spain).

From many, many conversations with many and diverse people over more than a
decade, I was merely the scribe. Neus Buira Ferré

Ideas are not anyone's, they belong to time.

2009 · We move to Molinos, Neus in July and Maria Jesus in September.
2010 · On April 4, Q gets the land: 8 hectares in Valdepuertas.
2011 · From 9 February to 21 September we build the main building.
2012 · We built 2 cabins: one for Maria Jesus and one other for individual retreats.
2013- 2014 · We begin the first activities. In the autumn 2014 Maria Jesus decides
withdraw from active participation in the project and becomes a passive member.
2016 · On July 25 Maria Jesus leaves the project, and on August 1st, Q is redefined
as Centre for Experimentation. Neus writes a reflection on the 10 years lived.

2017 · The start of a new phase with an annual programme of retreats.
2019 · On March 3rd, Maria Jesus returns to the project as retired passive member.
In the spring we build a 3rd cabin, into which Neus moves.

2022 · A year of reflection, clarification and a renewal of the project’s initial
impulse. The website is restructured and synthesised, with the aim of finding
people with whom we are able to create the community we aspire to
Join the project


What is Q, it's purpose and values · Origin and current situation · Contact


General critera

. Not to get into debt or take out bank loans.

. To establish and maintain sufficient financial reserves to ensure survival for two years.

. In the short term, the main objective is to maintain a zero deficit.

. Once the project is fully active, the benefits will be reinvested into internal projects, and
pay, and investment made in similar external projects, never for the personal profit of any
of the participants.

Sources of Income

In its early years (2009-2014), Q was funded by donations from its two founders,
Neus Buira and María Jesús San Llorente, and respective relatives and friends.

At present the funding is based on:

1. Stays

2. Products

3. Donations: through the Circle of Collaboration, which is set up in 2015 to support financial viability.

Q is deeply grateful to all the people who help us with contributions

They can be made here:
Caja Rural de Teruel IBAN: ES55 3080 0021 2421 5444 8415



What is Q, it's purpose and values · Origin and current situation · Viability and donations




Tel: 00 34 634320010 
Email: info@qcentro.org 

Postal address: Plaza Mayor, 1  44556 · Molinos (Teruel, Aragón, Spain)