The stays are individuals or of small groups, maximum 8 people.
We consider short-stay: 1 week to 1 month, medium: until 3 months, and long: more than 3 months.

The lodging is type shelter, you must bring blanket and sleeping bag or duvet, and can be
in an individual hut, shared in the central space or in the tent, according to availability and season.

Food is vegetarian with vegane tendency, healthy and moderate, with bio food of proximity and
according to seasons. There is a main meal and two snaks according to the need of each one.

One of the main values in Q are the ‹‹Life Condicions››.
Please read them carefully and make sure you can live them as they are.

Suggested minimum donation:

Individual stay: 30€/day if less than 15 days and 22€/day if more than 15 days
Couple or Group stay: 35€/day/person if it is a week and 30€/day/person if more than a week.

Contact : Tel. 00 34 634320010 / info@qcentro.org

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