Way of Life


is a retreat centre surrounded by nature, a place to experience living simply and consciously, with low environmental impact.
A lifestyle which integrates ecology, degrowth and consciousness, being an example of their symbiosis.
We consider 3 principles to be indispensable:





Life at Q is governed by the cycles of sunlight and temperature, without depending on clocks.

  • From sunset to sunrise we remain in silence, withdrawal, contemplation, meditation or rest,
    except for meetings, parties, or holidays.

  • Sunrise, solar noon and sunset, as seen in the valley, mark the rhythm of daily activity:
    meals, cleaning, office, outdoor work, study, practices, etc.

  • Solstices, equinoxes and moons (new, full and half moons) are the holidays here.

  • The winter solstice is the beginning of the new year and marks the period of greatest rest and retreat,
    until the middle or end of winter, according to each person's needs.


The main building is open-plan, plus two 2 small rooms, and a compost toilet with bidet. The open-plan area
includes a kitchen area, storage, a shower and a multi-use area for work-shops, etc. There is also a separate
hut and an outside compost toilet.
See imagen here: www.qcentro.org/Economia/infraestructuras/centralspace.html

  • The atmosphere at Q in general is peaceful and silent, like a study-temple.

  • If you come on a group a retreat, the sleeping area will be shared. Respecting each other's space is essential,
    for example, keeping noise to a minimum if you sleep later than others.

  • There is no cleaning service; we all colaborate in keeping things clean and tidy.
    "Clean up your mess, pick up after yourself".

  • We don’t use accident or personal injury insurance. Each individual takes responsibility for themselves.

  • Arriving at Q centre:

    1. Q centro is 5G free, and there is barely any electromagnetic pollution. Switch off your mobile before you arrive.
    Use the centre's telephone to make or receive calls.

    2. Bring basic luggage: a sheet and sleeping bag or duveet, towel and indoor shoes.
    We use natural hygiene products; if you don't have any we will provide them.

    3. Pre-arrange your arrival with the centre.

    4. You can get here on foot, by bicycle, or by car. If you come by car, we suggest if it is possible to leave the car
    at Molinos and walk up, it is 4.5 km and takes about an hour.

    5. Arrive in daylight, well before sunset.


The main building is supplied from a natural spring. In summer the flow decreases. To make up any shortfall in the tank
we bring water in bottles from the spring. 

The food is simple, healthy and taken in moderation. It is all vegetarian, with an inclination towards vegan.
The majority is locally sourced or from our own plot. 

  • We don’t use fridges nor freezer.

  • We prepare one main meal, at midday, and only cook once. For those who need it, there is a light breakfast,
    and before the sun sets over the western ridge, a light supper from the leftovers, or fruit. 

  • Don’t bring industrially made food, or anything with GM ingredients, additives, preservatives or chemical pesticides.
    At Q we try not to contribute to environmental pollution, or to anything detrimental to health. 

At Q we use only two solar panels and very few electrical aplliances. Electricity is limited and dependant on the weather.
We ask you to be very conscientious and reduce electricity use to the absolute minumum. 

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We welcome people who are journeying in the same direction, or who would like to experience this approach to life.

Send an email to info@qcentro.org to confirm that you are in agreement with the Way of Life here. 

The people in charge of Q centre reserve the right of admission and anyone who does not respect the conditions
of entry will be asked to leave.  


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