Transcending Death with Total Health
Roy Littlesun

September 2019
3 and 7 days retreat

The dates will be specified in May-June

Participation per retreat minimum 8 and maximum 10 people


The strive for “Long Life” is the drive for the “Longest Life”, which is the Eternal!
The very basis of this process is the MEMORY that links with the SOURCE that hasno beginning nor end.
“Time Life” gives us the opportunity to REALIZE this, and therefore DEATH is needed to let go of the Temporary/Time.

The Art of Life requires the PRACTICAL EDUCATION that is centered around the Essence of Creation, which is CHANGE.
It is by this absolute and eternal Constant/Law that we can Reach the Goal of Life,
Realizing that “the Seed is in the Tree and the Tree is in the Seed”.
The Seed correlates with the Eternal and the Tree correlates with the Temporary.
And this is not just a philosophical notion, but the Truth that has to be Integrated in each Cell of the BODY,
which is the Totality within the Totality = Total HEALTH = Total Being = Self-REALIZATION.

In other words, we are Creation in the Human Form, and since ALL IS ONE…
Creation and the Creator are ONE, too.
This Seminar is about Realizing that we are the Creator of our Own Reality.

3 Days Retreat:
Basics for making the First Step
* Understanding the human and the World within the context of Creation.
* Creator’s Onelaw.
* The 4 practical daily life aspects to complete the Life-cycle.
* Total Health and Being with Total Food.
* How to Reverse any Disease in 10 days.
* Cooking Class.
* Question/Answer.

7 Days Retreat:
First Step + Training for becoming an “Instructor of Life”:
* Basics for making the First step (see above).
* Observer and Mirror.
* Advanced Cosmology.
* The Divine Plan.
* The Family Unit.
* Diagnosis.
* Health Counseling.
* Question/Answer

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Center of Experimentation
(Molinos, Teruel, Spain)


An individual and small groups retreat space in nature, where to experience
a simple and conscious lifestyle, of low environmental impact.
Shelter type accommodation, bring: bottom sheet, sleeping bag or duvet,
toilet towel and indoor slippers. Order, cleaning and kitchen shared among all.

Please read carefully the Life Conditions.

Other informations:
Environment: Valdepuertas · Infrastructure
How to arrive: www.qcentro.org/comollegar.html
Temperatures in Molinos: www.eltiempo.es

Contact: Tel. 00 34 634320010 / info@qcentro.org