Solar life, Degrowth and Consciousness

from August 18 to 25


To recognize the essential.
To realize how much we still need and
of what little it really takes to live in peace.


During 7 days we offer you the possibility to experience how to organize according to sunlight
and organic rhythms of nature; how and what it implies to decrease in habits that generate
waste plastics, socio-environmental injustice or mismanagement of resources; how to feed
healthy and vegetarian with mostly seasonal and local foods; the conjunction of physical,
intellectual and spiritual work, active and contemplative life, and other aspects linked to the
process of self-Knowledge as body, soul and spirit.
To experience a simple way of life, deeply conscious, united to Earth and to Heaven,
that actively and creatively responds to various problems in today's world.

7 days to share learnings, reflections and visions around 3 structural axes: Economy,
Ethics and Spirituality, according to the need and demand of the participants; as well
as sharing meditations and other practices of attention and conscious presence.


Neus, visionary, co-founder and manager of the Q project since its inception, 2006.
An urban past (1986-2006) linked to Art, Philosophy, Design, Pedagogy and the Research;
led me to a rural present (2009 - ... ) linked to Nature, Sustainability and Consciousness.

The week of August 18 to 25, will attend Laura Klamburg, a veteran professional of design
and illustration, who will offer in the evenings and for those who want, a few hours of drawing
in nature. www.lauraklamburg.net

minimum 5 and maximum 10 people.

Necessary 240 €
Solidarity 300 € onwards
Scholarship 180€

REGISTRATION by entering 120 € in the account:
TRIODOS BANK ES86 1491 0001 2110 0855 3826
(Concept: Solar Life + Name and Surname)



Q is an individual and small groups retreat space in nature,
where to experience a simple and conscious lifestyle, of low
environmental impact. Shelter type accommodation, bring:
bottom sheet, sleeping bag or duvet, toilet towel and indoor
slippers. Order, cleaning and kitchen shared among all.

Please read carefully the Life Conditions.
Environment: Valdepuertas · Infrastructure
How to arrive: www.qcentro.org/comollegar.html
Temperatures in Molinos: www.eltiempo.es

Center of Experimentation
(Molinos, Teruel, Spain)
Tel. 00 34 634320010
/ info@qcentro.org